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Our standardized yet enhanced methodologies enables you to choose the software development approach that in the best way corresponds your business requirements, fits your budget and timeline.


Based on continuous iterations each having its own design, development, and testing, Agile enable us to deliver your solutions faster, with less need for detailed documentation, e.i. for less cost and with shorter time-to-market. Enabling to improve the project on the go by reassessing priorities, Agile is extremely efficient for turning the good to the better. Requiring deeper customer involvement into development process, Agile, however, considerably reduces overheads when coding or design changes required. It is popular with start-ups, too, because of the possibility to have a working prototype ready within a few weeks or even days from the start of the project. Agile can also be successfully used with any project that has overcome its active development phase and is in its maintenance phase.


Profound means qualitative. That is how we position our waterfall methodology. We drive you all the way through thorough Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance stages that ensure you have robust software meeting your goals and initial requirements. Being a perfect fit for clearly defined projects with little or no unknowns, our waterfall approach gives you greater project and deadline control which are so important for on-time project delivery.

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