Refined to the Bones. And kept Polishing

Here at Wise-Apps the way we cooperate with our customers, is considered to be a particularly important part of our software development services Thus we constantly refine and optimize the way we work with you to ensure Close collaboration that drives us to our mutual Success.


This is where we are likely to start our cooperation. At this stage our experienced consultants will find out maximum about your business needs to ensure we do not miss a detail that can be important for the project outcome. You tell us about your business environment, customers, market share, short- and long-term goals. Here you are welcome to share all your thoughts and bravest ideas, and no need to worry about the info - we will keep it confidential throughout the entire process.


At this stage our analysts scrupulously reconsider all the issues and project requirements to get back to you soon with well-structured and clear proposal, presenting you the vision of the solution that suites your business goals. This normally includes core business requirements, project vision and outcome, pricing model and project planning.


When the agreement is reached we dive into the stage of detailed analysis, developing the project blueprint. Splitting and then grouping again and categorizing all project requirements, we develop project wireframes and define the project architecture. Having strong belief that great design begets great coding, we are very delicate when making you design, from creative ideas to corporate colors and other branding. The stage of initial design may have several iterations until we finally get the version that satisfies everyone concerned.


Once the blueprint and the design are defined our engineering team plunges into coding to let the functionality meet the design. Basically this phase goes through several iterations or versions called ‘Pre-Alfa’, ‘Alfa’ and ‘Beta’, each having its own functionality development, continuous testing and delivery stages. The initial ‘Pre-Alfa’ version is feature incomplete and showcases product/service general functioning. The second ‘Alfa’ version is already feature- reach and can be used by end-customers, yet requiring some minor bug-fixing and awaiting for enhancement based on initial user experience. The final ‘Beta’ version is the full-featured fully functioning application that clearly outlines the project requirements and can be, after the final testing, deployed to the customer’s server.


Adding extra functionality and new features to your product or service to improve its effectiveness and raise its value after it has been delivered, requires sometimes even more attention and efforts than the initial development. During the maintenance and support phase we do not only help to keep your application always up and running, but also further develop your product in response to the market challenges and customers’ requests.

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