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iOS Calendar Developers Framework

Whenever you need to create a unique app for iPhone or iPad, utilizing the enhanced features of iOS calendar, you can use our well-versed iOS calendar developers framework. It allow you to create apps faster and with higher quality and less budget.

Developers Mobile Application Prototyping Tool

It generates mobile apps. Faster, better, sleeker.

Generaptor is a revolutionary mobile app maker built on the basis of jQuery Mobile. Being totally HTML5 compatible, this mobile app builder offers best in class intuitive drag-n-drop developer interface to design and stylize apps and lets developers code apps faster, better, paying more attention to design and functionality, i.e. creating a better user experience or unique application features, rather than wasting time on writing lines of code. The tool simultaneously generates the code for native apps, such as iOS or Android, or create an HTML5 based app for mobile web.

Collaborate with other people and share your projects with your development team or potential customers, managing their permissions and transmitting application rights. Of course it is cloud based, so you can store all the app data in the web and have access to it 24/7.

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Generaptor. Mobile App Prototyping Tool
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