New Channels. Greater Opportunities

Think of adopting your awesome web app for mobile device users or backwards, porting form one mobile platform to another one or to its newer version? Our app porting services enable you migrate your existing app quickly and at affordable costs, so that it can be used across popular platforms – iOS and Android, Windows. We also guarantee its seamless integration into your business schema.

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Sticking to just one target audience – mobile or web – oftentimes means missing out the opportunity to generate more customer revenue. Thus, app porting leads to augmenting app adherents and increasing business growth. We, at Wise-Apps, help companies that already have apps efficiently migrate them into new environment, while delivering the new apps of the same high quality and functionality as the existing ones.

Adoption is Not Only About Design

Migrating your existing app from web to mobile is a rewarding yet an exceptionally challenging task. Porting a highly successful app is twice as challenging, as the users expect from the new app better or at least same experience they have with the existing one. Basically it takes little time to migrate an app, but sometimes adapting the app to the specific character of the new platform requires from-the-ground-up development. Nevertheless, we guarantee it inherits the original app branding features and works in unison to the existing app.

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