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Allow your business to interact closer to your customers as they increasingly switch to mobile environment. With our consumer-centric mobile app development services we let your business be market responsive and consumer sensitive, as well as instantly accessible at your consumers' fingertips.

Technologies Languages Tools
  • iOS SDK
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C
  • C/C++
  • Xcode

iOS Development

Exciting devices. Addicted customers

With the appearance of iPhone and iPad, these two exciting mobile devices, the market of mobile gadgets has evolved considerably making iOS platform a major target for mobile app development. Here at Wise-Apps , our development team provides you with the premium-quality of iOS application development services ranging from app design, development and testing to integration of web services, databases and APIs. Our knowledge of the iPhone SDK and API multiplied by the best practices of developing high-end apps enables us to deliver you the solution your iOS user would really love.

Android Development

Fantastic ecosystem for smartphones and tablets

Used by the majority of renowned mobile device manufactures, Android is a wonderful platform that offers enormous opportunity for any business to develop a screaming and extremely successful custom application. No wonder, that Android app development services is among our company's core competences today. Our skillset and experience assure our developers are well-versed with Android SDK and let you create unique feature-rich mobile apps that provide your consumers with the best mobile experience. Ever.

Technologies Languages Tools
  • Android SDK
  • Android Native
  • Development Kit (NDK)
  • Android DT (ADT)
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • XML
  • Eclipse
Technologies Languages Tools
  • HTML 5
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Titanium, native code
  • Java, Objective-C
  • JavaScript, HTML 5
  • PhoneGap

Cross-Platform Development

Need more. Take more

Choosing the right platform to develop an app can be a big challenge for any business. Cross-platform app development with such leading frameworks as PhoneGap and Titanium serve to solve this issue. Our robust cross-platform development practices let you not only mitigate the risk of missing out the right platform, but also enter multiple markets by making your app accessible via several platforms, while reducing 'per platform' software development, deployment and update costs. Surely, we meet your timelines and budget.

Which platform?

Choosing the right platform is easy with a good adviser

We will assist you in deciding which platform suits your needs best, exploring whether your mobile app requires the use of any special device features, should to be Internet-enabled, how important the speed of the app is and will define the way you plan to monetize your app. Of course, we consider your budget and other preferences.

Native features. Faster richer, better apps.

Our functional mobile apps work with such native features of mobile devices as camera, GPS, accelerometer, camera flash, etc. Enabling your consumers to enjoy virtually all functionality of their mobile gadgets, offering also such competitive advantages like:

  • Internet-agnostic character (No web browser needed)
  • Faster performance than mobile web apps
  • Greater marketing opportunities via stores and marketplaces
Expertise matters.

We are renowned experts of mobile application development services across world's most popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android. Our extensive expertise with various industry verticals, including e-commerce, banking, entertainment, media, travel, etc., enables us to create highly-usable custom mobile apps across single or multiple platforms and release your apps on app markets.

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