Multiple Platforms. Bigger Market Coverage

As the competition between mobile brand manufactures and platforms aggravates, spurring by growing demand for mobile usage and confusing app owners which platform gravitate to, mobile web or cross-browser development can be an excessively cost-effective means to bring your business to mobile era.

Technologies Languages Tools
  • Java; PHP;
  • Ruby on Rails;
  • AJAX;
  • HTML5; CSS; JavaScript;
  • PHP; Ruby;
  • C/C++;
  • Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • Eclipse; Idea;
  • RubyMind;

Apps and Web Sites

As the use of mobile internet growing constantly, more businesses look for expanding their markets by getting more mobile traffic to their apps or web sites irrespectively of the platform of mobile device. We have the experience and the necessary skill set to create or adapt cross-browser apps and web sites for mobile commerce, social networking, news, entertainment, etc. Our well-versed development team will create an app or web site functioning properly with any mobile browser.


HTML5, CSS3 and Ajax are innovative technologies that are utilized for mobile web app development and help to significantly reduce projects costs and the time-to-market. We feel pretty comfortable at this edge too. Providing you with our vast expertise and best HTML 5 development practices, we build awesome mobile web applications and mobile web sites, accessible via any smart phone or tablet browser.

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